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All electrical installations over time, will eventually start to deteriorate. Regulations are constantly being reviewed and upgraded helping to improve electrical safety and, in doing so, reducing the number of electrical related fires and electrical related accidents. It is for this reason we undertake what is known as an Electrical installation Condition Report in West London, Surrey and surrounding postcodes.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

The aim of this report is to evaluate the electrical installation in terms of safety. The installation will go through thorough inspections and testing of all circuits using a calibrated multi-functional tester.

If a satisfactory report is issued, your installation has been deemed fit for purpose and continued use. A list of recommendations, if necessary, will be provided and a recommended next test date based upon the nature of the installation. If an unsatisfactory report is issued your installation has been deemed unfit for purpose and will therefore require urgent remedial works.

The outcome of the report will either be satisfactory or unsatisfactory, the outcome depending on several factors such as:

Damaged or defective electrical equipment

Electrical installation fit For purpose

Compliance with current regulations

Age and condition of electrical installation

Why should I have an EICR?

Your property/ premises are more than likely to be one of the most expensive things you will own throughout your lifetime. It can be the backbone of your business or the family home, either way they can be completely destroyed within a matter of hours if a fire were to occur due to an electrical fault. 

Having an EICR completed should identify these issues and greatly reduce this risk.

We at JBR like to think of the whole electrical installation as a car – it has its key components to keep the car running safely. The consumer unit at your property we always relate to as the brakes, with the other components within the electrical installation driving the car. 

Now we all understand that we rely on our brakes to slow down/stop the car in an emergency. What if the brakes fail to operate when required? You never know if the brakes are working until you operate them. 

So, if you have an electrical fault the brakes fail to operate (the fuses within the consumer unit), like our car scenario the results can be catastrophic. 

An EICR will identify these issues so when you do have an electrical fault the protective devices within the consumer unit operate to remove the chance of electric shock and risk of a serious incident.

We provide EICR in West London, Surrey and surrounding postcodes.

JBR Electrical Contractors operate in West London and Surrey areas and are certified members of the NICEIC & Electrical Contractors Association. This means we have been audited and deemed as competent to carry out EICR’s in accordance with BS7671.

JBR Electrical Contractors are part of the Registered Competent Scheme, used to identify only contractors capable of carrying out these reports.

JBR Electrical Contractors follow all guidances put together by governing bodies when it comes to identifying and coding observed defects – these are also readily available to the public to cross reference.

All test equipment is top of the range and maintained regularly to ensure the accuracy of results.

JBR Electrical Contractors only allow the most experienced and qualified engineers, who have an in-depth knowledge in inspection and testing to carry out these reports.

JBR Electrical Contractors will provide you with a free no obligation quotation of any defects observed whilst undertaking the report to achieve a satisfactory report.

Why use JBR?

Some of the inspection & testing services are listed below: